Your skin is unique

Whatever the condition of your skin today, the objective of  Götz Bad Ischl Skin Care is to guide and educate your skin
so it is able to achieve and maintain a normal, healthy, balanced state.

Compare the following information to diagnose your skin type and select suitable products.

Normal Skin Fresh, moist, rosy with a minimally oily T-zone, not sensitive or reactive Small, fine and clear  Supple, soft, elastic Even, no skin blemishes or blotchiness
Dry Skin  Dehydrated, dull, tight (especially after cleansing) Fine, small Rough, uncomfortable, flaky; fine lines not due to aging, less resilient Uneven with white patches, pale, dull, lacking vitality
Combination Skin Oily in areas with dry patches Fine and clear on cheeks, enlarged on T-zone Oily T-zone with dry cheeks Uneven with redness due to blemishes and white patches due to dryness
Oily, Blemished Skin Oily, robust with blemishes and/or acne Enlarged, congested Oily with a sheen, but resilient Uneven with redness or blotchiness due to blemishes
Sensitive Skin Irritated, redness, uncomfortable  Fine, small Thin skin, rough, uncomfortable, flakiness Red, blotchy, possibly accompanied by persistent red patches in the cheeks/nose areas (visible capillaries)
Sensitive Combination Skin Oily T-zone with redness or blotchiness in other areas; sensitive and reactive  Fine and clear on cheeks, enlarged on T-zone Dry patches on cheeks; oily forehead, nose, chin. Somewhat resilient. Uneven with redness or blotchiness due to irritation, possibly some blemishes

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