Skincare is a natural act

Every ingredient in each products have their unique uses. every choice of ingredient is "pulse " matching to form a unique formulation of product. All contents has a promise of high quality.
The quality of seeds is the most important. We source worldwide and also from our own farm to ensure the safest quality of sources.
We have over 100 types of plants in our farm, self farmed and fully organic. All harvesting done by hand , ensuring all plants are healthy to maximize effect.

Organic soil management

During seedling process, we take great care using organic soil management. To ensure the health of plant, we practice rotation plantation. Except for a few plants which can be planted continuously for a few years, the rest has to go through rotation.
In terms of fertilization , we do not use chemical fertilizers or those that contains pesticides or animal content, we use the compost, humus and green manure worms. Of course we will lay hay on the ground to prevent the soil from being frozen, the microorganism will be kept active whole year.
The hay is an important fertilizer, it provides nutrients for the soil. In terms of organic soil management, this will lower the use of fossil fuels usage, lowers the carbon dioxide , leaves the carbon in the soil, which is very environmental friendly.

Storing the plants underground

The underground storage has about 300 years of history, it maintains low temperature. it has about 1m thick of soil on top of it to keep cool. It keeps the plants fresh for up to two months, the active ingredients in plants are preserved unlike the conditions of refrigerator.

Certified Natural:

100% certified natural cosmetics with high-quality organic plant ingredients
100% free of silicones, waxes, micro-plastic beads ,mineral oil , and PEGs
100% free of parabens
Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

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