Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers, so below are answers to some frequently asked questions about GÖTZ BAD ISCHL Skincare. If you have further questions, please email and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

What is special about Götz Bad Ischl?

Originated from spa, contain bad ischl water. All raw materials are taken from nature , choose the best quality of raw materials worldwide, manually processed, firmly opposing to using of synthetic harmful chemical ingredients.

The laboratory concept of Dr. Josef Götz : skincare is a natural act, usage of natural and safe product ingredients to simple and effective solutions are the most important standards and commitments.

Is Götz Bad Ischl Oxygen Facial Tonic for oily and blemished skin?

Yes. This tonic specially formulated for oily or blemished skin, clarifying toner balances excessive oiliness, soothes redness and minimizes the appearance of blemishes, blackheads and enlarged pores.

What’s the effect of oxygen facial tonic for oily and combination Skin?

Tests showed that within three months of usage, oily skin type changed gradually to produce less oil. After six months of usage, oily and oily-combination skin change to balanced normal skin type. Skin health significantly improved, signs of acne , dull and sagging problems were gone. Skin is balanced, moisturized and problem-free.

Why do you use glass bottles?

Glass is a non-porous and inert packaging material that is recyclable.

Why do the tonics sometimes get sediment in them? Is it ok to use?

Liquid may appear cloudy or particles may form due to the natural botanical ingredients. This does not affect quality or effectiveness.

Can I use these products if I am pregnant or nursing?

All Götz Bad Ischl products and ingredients are evaluated to the highest quality and safety standards and regulations. These mild, safe and gentle products have been relied upon by mothers for decades but if you have any concerns about using any product or ingredient while pregnant or nursing, we encourage you to discuss it with your doctor.

Is animal testing used for Götz Bad Ischl Skin Care products?

We have never done any testing on animals and never will. You can be absolutely certain that none of the Götz Bad Ischl Skin Care products or any of the raw materials used in their manufacture have been tested on animals.

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