AUT-O-01 Bad Ischl N 47°42´41" E 13°37´22"

Bad Ischl, situated in the heart of the Salzkammergut (Saline Chamber), is, without a doubt, the famous spa with a long tradition and the most popular spa town with international clientele.The local spa is also the oldest saline spa in Austria.


Within the series, Bad Ischl represents a specific type of a mountain spa town with mineral springs, a well-preserved urban structure and several important architectural dominants.
The fame of Ischl's saline and sulphur springs spread like a bush fire throughout Europe after Archduke Rudolf, brother of Emperor Franz I, Cardinal-Archbishop of Olmütz and pupil and patron of the composer Beethoven, recovered from a serious illness after "taking the waters" there in 1825. From then on the spa at Bad Ischl soon became a popular vacation spot for European royalty and high society, and in the following year it had welcomed more than 10,000 spa guests. Furthermore, the guests always took some bath salts back for home spa when they left.


1823, Dr Josef Götz and Austrian royal physician Franz von Wirer co-developed the first health bad ischl salon.

1832, they began to study the development personalized skin care products using Bad Ischl spring water.



It was worth mentioning that the spa showed a magical effect. The Habsburg Archduke Franz Karl and his wife Sophie had waited in vain for children because of their delicate constitution. At the suggestion of Dr.Josef Götz, they visited Ischl regularly from 1828 onwards and took the saline baths as a therapeutic treatment. After this, their first son Franz Josef was born in Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna On 18 August 1830, followed on 6 July 1831 by Ferdinand Maximilian. In 1833 their brother Karl Ludwig saw the light of day, and then the youngest, Ludwig Viktor, was born in 1842. Because Sophie's sons arrived only after she had begun taking regular health cures in Ischl, they were popularly known as the "salt princes". In order to thank Dr. Josef Götz for his help, their eldest son was named Franz Josef.


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