Dr. Josef Götz

Dr. Josef Götz (1774-1839) was born in 1774 in a famous spa town in Austria- Bad Ischl town, he was the pioneer in medical fields at that time. After many years of research , it confirms that Bad Ischl hot spring water have a miraculous effect on the skin.

1823 , Dr.Josef Götz and Austrian royal physician Franz von Wirer co-developed the first Austrian healthy salon.



1825, due to the emperor of Austria , Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor 's brother , Archduke Rudolf had cured himself prolonged skin illnesses in Bad Ischl spa, the spring water which was used, had a magical name of "Godly water" , the name of it spread like wildfire across Europe. Thus, Bad Ischl spa center quickly became a member of European royalty and became one of the "must visit" places for high society celebrities who travel.

1832, they began to study the development personalized skin care products using Bad Ischl spring water. The laboratory concept of Dr. Josef Götz : skincare is a natural act, usage of natural and safe product ingredients to simple and effective solutions are the most important standards and commitments.

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